Baggin Saggin Barry (My Indictment)

by Charles Fox Jr.

Pick up your pants boy!
We don't wanna see your draws!
In these recognizable times
We have been here before
Cut that afro!
Act like a lady!
Straighten that curl
Let your soul glow?
Tighten up that fade boy
Get a perm you nappy headed "African booty scratcher"
Man up nigga!
Supersoak that ho!
Lick the lollipop!
Get rich or die trying
Stop snitching!
I got that!
I don't love them hoes!
Bitch ass nigga!
Money over bitches!
Pimps up, hoes down
And all that jazz.
It must be yo ass cause it aint yo face....
Tip drill
Purple city, 
Every day I'm hustling
Suck it or not
Touch it remix
Chicken noodle soup
Soda on the side
Chromed out ride
Sitting on dubs
Poppin bottles in clubs 
Relaxers, European expectations
Worldwide elation
Reputed gang member shot
Age 14
Bullet to the head, D.O.A.
Another light extinguished
Sound familiar?
The body of Emmit till was found...
Real niggas do real things
Yes massa...
I'll coon for you...masssa
Shucking and jiving
Chicken and beer
Hey kool aid!
Welches grape and gold fronts
Two hundred dollar kicks
60,000 dollar whip
Parked in front of a home that's rented
Belonging to a collective psyche that dented
Throws some D's on it
On what?
The report cards of millions of black students
Along with an overabundance of F's 
and "failing to meet expectations"
"Thriving" under no child left behind
Jesse wanted to "cut Barack's nuts off" 
What happened to keeping hope alive?
Sucking the meat off a hambone
Pickanniny poison 
Redbone in the big house
Tar babies in the field
Intra-racial turbulence
Video vixens
Superhead and the lot
I ask my Black People...
Is this all you've got?

Baggin Saggin Barry (My Indictment) by Charles Fox Jr.

© Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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