A Woman I Saw Once

by Charles Fox Jr.

Perhaps itís too tardy to contemplate, 
The sincere poignancy of our first date
The sheer electricity of our first interaction
The magnitude of newfound attraction
The potential beginning shrouded in mystery
The genesis of a prospective history
Shared between two souls united
Nervous, uncompromising, and delighted
She challenged me in ways I never imagined 
Brought me to the cusp of intense passion
Her eyes whispered to me
Leaving residue of thoughts unspoken 
I inhale bliss
Allowing it to permeate throughout my entire shell
She set my soul aflame
Scorched the very fabric of my being
Left me parched
I longed to envelop myself amongst traces or her essence
She is love, lust, longing, and desire
She devastated my spirit
 Lit my core on fire
I perspire
As if it were my answer to the question she posed
She could illuminate light
Her stride aroused more than my intellect
But her mind resonated in my thoughts
Like traces of perfume fragrantly lingering in a space long devoid
She blasted me with the thunderbolt
Its path I could not avoid
Who was she?
My one desire was to whisper phrases of romance to her
Speak wisdom
Drench me with your knowledge
Saturate me with everything you want me to know 
Let me lead you into my clutches
I will never let you go.

A Woman I Saw Once by Charles Fox Jr.

© Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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