by Charles Fox Jr.

Jook Joints and jivin
Post Harlem Renaissance, nighttime aura
Afros gyrating
braids tightly spun, done, wrapped securely in a bun
thighs shaking against pelvises 
subtle reminders of sexual attraction
brown skin, illuminated by moonlight
enhanced by pride
fair-skinned queens, dark skinned beauty 
curvaceous Nubian booty
glorious hips, fully accented lips
curls, perms
hidden under shiny black kangaroos
like the painting from good times
the only white you see is the white blouse
on top of the white bra
which will undoubtedly be removed at some point
no watered down dance floor
UN-diluted with unnecessary impurities
brothas dressed in timberlands
macaroni and cheese
stocking caps hide ocean-deep waves
corn-rows done, shiny
oil sheened, African imprint
some wear dashikis to signal Pan-Africanism
Black power fists are raised
peace signs flashed
the only 45's in the room, the Billy Dee variety
hypnotized on hypnotic
whatever you're drinking, flows in the spot like water
Pam Grier on the big screen
Oil paintings of Malcolm and Martin
in that famous embracing pose
sistas hugged-up on their man
oh, to be there just for an instant
bliss, pride
afro American cultural tenacity
what comes close to this?
nobody gets hurt, no divisiveness
no self-pity, we burn food stamps
discard wic checks
sistas that favor Alex Wek more than Marylin Monroe
wipe their asses with copies of "cosmo"
blow their noses with copies of "vogue"
because what is in style now: Blackness
essentially elegant
historically relevant 
We pray to God, Allah, Jesus
and whatever other Deity we desire
not one religious upheaval
we are on a crusade for black love
the cure for "jungle fever" in our pockets
tap dancing and stepping
each strike hitting the floor like rockets
our afro electricity blows the sockets
drowning in a sea of culture
inhaling our own pride
holding hands, lighters lit
fuck that white liberal shit
we march on Washington and paint the white house brown
usurp the oval office, drape it in African Print
authentic from Kenya
or perhaps Mozambique
Everyone gets a chance to speak
so loud the pacific rim would shake
the first documented black earth quake
Damn, now that would be a party.

Afrocentricity by Charles Fox Jr.

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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