Mama's Forest

by Charm

Talked to Daddy last night, is that what really happened?
Breathed to Daddy last night, yeah, that's probably more like it
Empty questions, distracted answers, conversation placeholders at best
You see, as much as I wished, I've never been Daddy's Little Girl
As usual, I hung up, disappointed by the interaction
The emptiness was especially hard, way too much to bear
So I lay across my bed, softy cried myself to sleep
Dreamt I was wandering, lost, in a great, great forest
Found Mama's forest filled, her trees of family and friends
Her seedlings had flourished over the years, surrounding me with love
She'd grown daddy substitutions, trees that stood tall over me
They were there to protect and provide the things I'd need
But I always glimpsed Daddy's forest, just visible in the distance
It's magnetism drew me, winds blew me in its direction
Eventually, I couldn't help it, I wandered over curious
Found daddy's seeds had sown, only a very slight vegetation
Not as crowded, his forest was, I was given more independence
His trees were merely bushes, less demanding of my attention
My reality, drawn by his legacy, pulled me deeper into Daddy's woods
It was comfortable, but not as tight, not as secure as Mama's forest.
A strong wind blew suddenly, uprooting Daddy's forest
Found myself alone, lost, caught without his presence
I called and I reached, I looked everywhere for Daddy
Only found his shallow roots, exposed, blowing in the tempest.
Crying lonely, I sat, amongst the ruins of Daddy's forest
Felt so alone and sad, naked and discouraged
In the distance, I heard a rustling, sounds so very familiar
Mama's forest was calling, ever present when she was needed.
What seemed so tight before, felt suddenly very cozy
I scampered and I played, amongst the trees in Mama's forest
Her trees felt safe, secure, my protection from the barren
You see, my home was here, within my Mama's forest.

Mama's Forest by Charm

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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