Lost Generation

by Chantel Sills

In a world of confusion
I am glad that my savior gave me the capability
to make my own choices, choose my own dreams,
follow my own path
I am one of the lucky ones
I was born part of a lost generation
My country is full of lots of history, yet no one knows it
We know what corporate America wants us to know
We feel what we are expected to feel
We see what we "need to see"
We look how the pretty people look
We are all robots in this fake ass world
We are all wires in this big machine
and when one wire crosses over, it's replaced, removed, destroyed
It becomes obsolete
Same thing happens when a minority finds their voice
Doctor King had a dream to unite things
What happened to him?
He became obsolete
This kind of cruel act of discrimination
put fear in the hearts of many
Gradually this fear silenced the voices of those with the courage to rise
This is what I mean by I am part of a lost generation
We are lost because we don't know our history
We are lost because our young queens allow themselves
to be called bitches and are proud to be the baddest one
We are lost because our brothers slay one another
on the ground instead of facing the true evil
The ones who truly made us lost

Lost Generation by Chantel Sills

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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