I'll Write Me A World

by Legacy Leonard

If I ram a pen through my third eye
Would it bleed the tears of a repressed soul?
Sometimes I would like to lose control
Find myself freefalling on miles of forsaken freestyles
That fled me like dreams escaping from cerebral cages
I can't stand the stages of stagnation
And my soul has no patience
Screaming to feel through the pen again...
Screaming to assassinate the silence with a single simile...
Softly, silently, slowly...
Slipping into the oblivion of lost tears of yesterday

Lost tears drip from a fountain deep inside
Untapped wells of pain that have not drained from the venom seething in my soul 
I can't remember when it was I forgot the love of my life 
Can't remember when poetry ceased to elevate me beyond this reality
Into higher realms of consciousness
Where I flow as smoothly as silken rivers
This is the blood of my life...of my heart....
How do I reclaim the passion that blinded me 
with tantalizing visions of ethereal bliss?
Leaving me with a lingering kiss upon my mind's eye
Supernaturally charged, and left to bottom out into the blackness of a void
Where my soul is devoid and all else in existence is null

I won't live another day confined by cages of my own creative conjure
I'll find the strength within to pick up the pen
& Write me a world
Where walls fall like crumbling memories in Berlin
Spin my soul into cosmic threads of angel dust
Weaving itself into the tapestry of the Universe
Star solos and sun serenades
Will hail all my new days on the Earth renewed
Simply because I refused to give in to another block
Busted the locks on my soul and with a swift flick of my wrist
Proceeded to script the path to my freedom

I will write me a world where months of pain, aggravation, 
and desperation will disappear
Into clouds of ashes
As I dash this ink against pages
Annihilating the source of my soul rages
Remembering the forsaken wisdom of sages
I will reach deep down within the cathedrals of my soul
Cast out the blistering reminders and memories
That had torn and scorned the edges from my skin
I will write my existence free of sin
I will write my soul a new place to ascend
I will write me a world where I shall never be shackled again!

I'll Write Me A World by Legacy Leonard

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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