Am I?

by Legacy Leonard

Am I as deep as the many rivers Langston speaks of? 
Singing my ageless song like chained warriors on a gang line 
Am I as deep as the baritone bass lines? 
Leaping off jazz chords 
While Billieís blues belie 
The bellowing blares of Miles trumpet 
Like heís blowing on Gabrielís Horn 
Awaiting the great morn 
When the Earth will fade into blackness 
Curtain fall over eternity 
Leaving me with the moon dust in my eyes 
>From too many nights of kissing unfaithful stars 
Who flee into the deep purple folds of the night sky 
Just because I dared to caress them with my fingertips 
Capture them in my pen and bleed their gold hues 
Into the seams of ripped time portals 
To heal the Universe of its human disease 
Ease my way around the burning heat of the Sun 
So I can entrap solar showers in my eyes 
Wrapping the speed of light around my shoulders 
Wearing Saturnís rings as my bracelets 
Step off Pluto and pluck a wormhole from the galaxy 
Lace the aurora borealis in my locks 
And smiles at you with gleaming teeth of numerous moonbeams 
Am I deep enough to sit on the edge of the Sphinx? 
Out think the next strategic movement of Alexander the Great 
Dash off the tops of pyramids 
And sip the Nile in the land of the Morning Sun 
I speak tongues unknown to anyone 
Translate me in over 100 languages and dialects 
Only to find that you will never perfect the artistry of my motion 
Rolling words on tongue tips like water sizzling off hot frying pans 
With Black mothers bouncing baby boys on their hips 
A prayer on their lips 
Never to see their seed sprung into strange fruit 
That I pluck from the noose as they swing low 
And here I come with Apolloís chariot to carry them home 
I stole Adamís rib and created myself 
Who needs Eve when I can give birth to seven sons 
Become Sekhmet and teach men how to war 
I am the lioness that roars 
With the voice of Pharaohs 
I am the beauty of Nimrodís mother that interrupted riots 
Bringing peace to the unrest of streets with my mere presence 
I am the next breathe in your chest 
For I am Bast the Black goddess of pleasures and joy 
Tantalizing you tenderly through titillating tantra 
My name is your personal mantra 
Recite me inside your head seven times 
Recite me inside your head seven times 
Recite me inside your head seven times 
Recite me inside your head seven times 
Recite me inside your head seven times 
Recite me inside your head seven times 
Recite me inside your head seven times 
I defy the seasons, the elements, and define time 
I am the reason and the rhyme 
I draw irrefutable conclusions that left Confucius in a state of confusion 
I debated Darwinís theories of evolution into non-existence 
Set Shakespeareís sonnets to verses of shell shock 
Put it in the mouths of angry Black youth and called it hip hop 
I be the riffs of rage in rock 
I set my heart to the beat of jungle drums and called it rhythm 
Took the tears of ancestors from the midnight skies and created blues 
Place me on your tongue and I become Truth 
I am the divinity that obliterates menís multiple divisions and religions 
I am justice with clear vision 
Not blindsided by the hypocrisy of men tipping the scales in the favor of their hidden sins 
I drank the River Jordan from the cup of deepest sorrows 
Stabbed my own self in the side with a spear and bled hope for every tomorrow 
I think therefore I am 
I think therefore I am 
I amÖ

Am I? by Legacy Leonard

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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