Tell the Truth

by Miss Functional

You ever roll your eyes behind somebody back so hard that the inside of your eyelid gets stuck to your eyeball for just a moment? And you think to yourself, man they pist me off so bad I can't even open my own eye!

That's what happened to me one day. It got me thinking. Why do we allow people to push our buttons in such a way that they seemingly go unaffected but we end up jamming our own bodies into a stressful frenzie?

Let us not forget that these people are human, fallible, prone to instances of insanity and if we are being truthful so are we. I'm sure there is someone out there whose buttons I have pushed and they pantomimed that they hate my guts. So I offer up this truth, when I was studying to be a medical coder I had this truly wonderful and kind classmate whose friendship I treasure to this day even though we don't talk anymore. Apparently I have this way of speaking that is so harsh at times it just rubs people the wrong way. (IKR) Now she and I are years apart in age and we share different cultural backgrounds but you never know. (See that's what we do; try to make excuses). One day I said something else and she finally called me on it. Because I adored and respected her of course I was remorseful and down right hurt that I made her feel bad. She and I moved past it but imagine how things would have been had she opened her mouth at the first or even second time I got sideways at the mouth.

Relationships of any great value take a long while to build and should not be diminished in seconds by a quick lashing of the tongue. But if that person whether they be friend, co-worker, acquaintance, or family continues doing something or saying something that is clearly to the left; they do it on purpose and you had a talk with them and they got a snap back for that too!

Then, you got to make the choice and change. Change the conversation, the direction of your head, the tone of your voice and yes your address in an extreme case. Sometimes that's easier read than done but it is true. Some people just function in life by being contrary to you.

But really how far does it go? And the answer to that is, as far as you let it. Think about what is at stake if you don't. You suffer some tension headaches, muscles pain, some stress induced illness or worse yet, you end up like the person who got your blood boiling having the only lack luster fake power to make a room clear out when you enter.

There are two types of people in this world; those who care and make the necessary corrections immediately and those who don't give one damn about what they said or that it may have caused you some offense. They even hide behind phrases similar to "I'm doing me and whoever don't like it...." You can finish that statement however you heard it if you're reading me well right now. We all "do us" at some point in time.

And who we are varies from age, time of day, station in life and for some time of the month. You do not have to be a people pleaser but you should respect yourself first and others second. Don't be too proud to allow the words, "I am sorry," to fall out of your mouth. It doesn't mean defeat or guilt. It does not mean that you understand the reason for the need to be sorry, only that you are.

Tell the Truth by Miss Functional

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