by Chameleon

I hear you screaming damn shorty your words be killing me
Like criminally 
Iím capable of whatever you donít expect of me
Iím phenomenally 
One in a million it will be hard to find
another lyrical chameleon this stupendous
Donít confuse my confidence for cockiness
Iím just blessed to have a gift this tremendous 
Inhale and breathe me deep 
Iím sure to keep you craving for more
Like Iím a stiff dick and youíre a nymphomaniac whore
My words are poison

I stimulate your most intimate senses
I sensually 
Emulate and become the epitome of erotic magnificence
While simultaneously 
Infiltrating your entire being until you feel the intense rush 
And we spontaneously bust 
Sex to me is a stick shift so I stay burning out a clutch 
I play with KY and dildos and such 
Please let me know if I ever become too much for you 
I just want to be enough for you 
I just want to comfort you 
I just want to be to the one to pull the nutts out of you 
My sex is poison 

I cherish your faults as well as your perfections 
I unconditionally
Offer you the very essence of all of my love and affection 
Giving you the fruits of my soul in search of the most majestic connection 
And in retrospection 
Giving you all of me has been my hearts joy and direction 
Iíd stifle without you in my life 
And rightfully I need you here by my side 
Iím your life youíre my life
We inhale each others exhales
And impale all those who donít want our love to prevail
Because my speech sex and love is poisonous 
Murderous, addictive but never vindictive
My mind body and soul belongs to you and only to you will I give my poison 
I am                     

Poison by Chameleon

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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