Sweet Lady Love

by Chameleon

Could you be 
Daughter of the sea
Or a descendant of Venus 
Sent here especially to love me
Since the day that we met- youíve been thee occupying 
Force of my mind 
I find that I hunger for your presence
When you speak I seek your words in an attempt to drink your essence
And become one with you 
Iím so in love with you 
And Iíve felt this way for you 
Since the day of my birth
I knew you were my destiny 
My only obstacle has been the search 
You quench my thirst for reciprocity 
You even drench your verse in sensuosity
We are soul mates 
You complete ideas yet to be formulated into speech
And when we're speaking in tongues through clenched teeth 
While bathing in the ecstasy that we create between sheets 
Every other element in the world becomes obsolete
You see
What I feel for you is deep 
So please excuse my clinginess
But I'm in love 
So I expect to reap the benefits of feeling like this 
Your kisses heal old wounds, donít ever leave
Iím yours for another thousand moons
Youíre simply all that I need

Sweet Lady Love by Chameleon

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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