Millenium Jezebel

by Chameleon

Men will do anything to be in the presence of me 
And to smell the dizzying scent of my skin theyíd commit blasphemy
They never get enough 
And when Iím not around theyíre living in misery 
You see, my powers are something serious 
Mention my alias 
And even bitches become delirious
 I used to fuck with them white collar cats
 but they never spent enough time
They never wined or dined and they never realized
that the world is really mine
So now I be with this big baler
Who likes to keep me thick
And  heíd flip if he knew that while he sleeps I creep with his chick 
But I love nobody more than those niggas who worship me 
The ones who get down on their knees at night and pray to God for me
Because them niggas there, they absolutely need me
And will turn into scavengers and kill just to protect me 
The other day this woman asked her man to choose between her and me
Said that she was tired of him running the streets
and tired of him being a slave to me
He told her that he needed me in his life in order to feel like a real man 
Said I made him feel like a king so he begged her to understand
I tried talking to her myself,
running that same game I ran on that cop the other day
But she told me that she had morals
and just hoped that one day heíd find his way 
But last night 
Her man lost his life for me 
Went through years of struggle and strife for me 
Just so in the end. He could take a knife for me
Donít matter, though 
Iíll find another nigga to fuck with 
Iíll change another niggas luck quick 
Or make some desperate bitch suck a dick 
Because, most say that Iím the root of all evil
Iíve been called a Jezebel even 
Iím shifty, Iím deceiving, Iíll turn a church man into a  heathen
So whether you address me as paper, money, cash, Benjamins
It doesnít matter itís whatever 
As long as you remember that my wrath
Is forever

Millenium Jezebel by Chameleon

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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