by Chameleon

As the cold wind dries the tears you left on my face
Emotions build as misery takes its place
Remembrance plays passionately on my flesh
I feel like Iím on fire
and I have nothing left
your love
My love
The love that we once shared
I donít know where it went
But there is nothing left
To conceal
remembering the places you caressed
and the nights you left me in tears
you promised you would never cheat on me again
so we stood strong
both supporting one another mentally, emotionally

I gave you all of me

But time took its toll
the clocks stopped ticking
I thought our love would always be
How could I think so foolishly?
You my king and I your queen
ďSo youíre leaving me, and youíre not coming backĒ
Remembering the last
Thing you said to me
And that was it I guess it wasnít meant to be
Something told me internally at the back of my mind
But I let it slide 
As you silently watched me leave
But wanting me to stay
Itís not my fault maybe one day youíll change
I tried to ignore all the simple things you missed
tried to hold on to you
Because you once were mine
And I yours
I know sentiments of your love will truly be missed

I donít even know who you are anymore
Maybe you just donít care
Thatís all I remember thinking as you
Stood there and vented
What the hell was I waiting for? 
Who was that person who just looked at me?
In my eyes and watched me
Walk out the door.

Leaving by Chameleon

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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