Weekend Love

by Cecil Scott

The week was long and stressful,
The end of it I am ecstatic to greet.
For Friday night my baby is coming over to my house,
To start an erotic filled weekend that will be so sweet.

My house has been so lonely this week,
My bed has been ohÖ so cold.
This weekend, loneliness will finally be over for a while,
Her warm, sexy body I cannot wait to hold.

For two days the door will be locked,
No doubt that the phone will be unplugged.
We will make hot steamy love with so much passion,
On the couch, the bed, in front of the fireplace on the bear skinned rug.

We will play sex games with each other,
Nothing can hold back our delight.
It seems that we can never catch our breath,
Sensuously, we do it non-stop, morning, afternoon, and into the night.

At times we take a nap in each otherís arms,
Caused by a sensory overload that we both canít take.
As soon as our batteries recharge again,
The first one up gives a special surprise to the one
Who is not fully awake.

By Monday morning the weekend seduction is over,
To have her in my arms again, itís going to be a while.
Even though I am saddened to have my baby leave,
I can start off another hectic week with a smileÖ

Weekend Love by Cecil Scott

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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