Thug Lovin'

by Cecil Scott

The words that I now write sometimes women want to hear,
Sometimes they want a bad boy not some corny ass wannabe 
They say that they want a man who's sensitive to their feelings,
To caress them mentally and physically with all of their might.
But sometimes, they want a roughneck that will smack 'dat ass
And pull their hair while fuckin 'em hard at night.
Sometimes, they don't want a candlelight dinner,
Damn rose petals everywhere in sight.
Sometimes they want 'dat thug to steal a lil' pussy,
Outside on the park bench at twilight.
To possess inner strength and confidence when walking arm in arm.
To show her whatever the world throws at them, she will have no fear of it,
  she will suffer no harm.
If a stranger disrespects her, then that stranger, her thug will deck.
If he disrespects her himself, then 'dat mutha fucka she herself will check.
Then all will be ok, their gangsta' bond together will form,
If during the night she is cold, best believe his tattooed body
  on top of hers will make her nice and warm.
She knows inside that no matter how hard her thug is, their relationship is sound,
Even if she hears him singing constantly, Tupac's "Bitch, I getz around."
Together they drink "Thug's Passion" (a mixture of Alize' and Hennessy)
When they tongue each other down, their drunken kisses are so sweet.
You'll never hear the thug whisper ever so tenderly, "Baby, you look so tired, 
Allow me to rub your aching feet."
As long as the lovin is good, deep, hard and long 'dat thug
  she will happily kiss and hug.
Even if her friends and family disagrees with her choice of man,
She knows that they are jealous and full of envy.
One cannot describe how hot that woman's blood gets
  knowing that she is in love with a bad azz thug...

       "my luvin, my thugin, thug luvin.."

Thug Lovin' by Cecil Scott

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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