Erotic Bite

by Cecil Scott

While gliding through the fog one dark night,
My radar picked up a most beautiful sound.
Silently, I swooped down and landed outside her bedroom window.
I materialized into my true body while no one else was around.

For it has been ages since I’ve heard such sweet beauty,
Intensely, to my delight, my eyes locked onto a stunning form.
A voluptuous woman naked softly humming a song,
To get a little closer, into mist I had to transform.

She walked over to the opened window,
And found herself staring into my penetrating eyes.
I noticed that her body was aroused not in the least bit scared,
Her nipples were erect; hot moisture was slowly running down her thighs.

By then I knew for eternity, I had to have this woman,
For she stirred up emotions long ago left for dead.
I reached out with my mind to connect with this woman,
For her to go open the door, then invite me to her bed.

What she did next was totally perplexing,
The thought of it today still blows my mind.
She gently laid down and beckoned me in,
She whispered, “Hurry my Prince, it is almost daybreak,
Sadly, we have not much time.”

For usually with my mind I am able to seduce,
I can break the will of any person strong.
The way she toyed with me sensuously I can hardly deduce,
It was like she planned to enrapture me, I lost all sense of right and wrong.

Normally, now is the time, in which I go for the throat,
Enslaving my victim, or just to feast to end that person’s time.
This vixen instead of cowering in fear, she goes for my throat,
The mere turning of the tables that night was sublime.

Ever since that night long ago, my queen and I roam the earth.
Together in love, there is nothing that we cannot do.
To the reader I now write some 400 years later,
If even a monster like myself can find true love,
What makes you think, mere mortal, that it won’t happen to you?

*For years Hollywood and Literature has glamorized
and even in some cases, romanticized the plight of the vampire.
By no means am I implying that I believe in vampirism or do I
follow the occult.  I just want to experiment writing out of
character….  C.S.

Erotic Bite by Cecil Scott

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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