For Your Love

by Cecil Scott

Look at me baby girl,
As I come before you, on bended knee.
I kneel to show you my sweet darling,
Just how much you mean to me.

For your laughter is like soft music,
And your smile, bright as the morning dew,
Which lies upon the rose that signifies,
How much I truly love you.

For your love is like a buried treasure,
And that treasure, once found, forever I will keep.
For your love, I will climb the highest mountain,
I would swim across any ocean, no matter how deep.

For your love baby girl, listen to me, anything, this man will do,
It is strong like the love that Denzel Washington had for his family,
When he starred in the movie, "John Q."

For to go through severe extremities,
To give all that he had to give,
By my side I need to have you,
By your side, I need to live.

For your love burns like a raging fire,
That I never want to see go out,
>From the hilltops I will proclaim my love for you,
To the top of my lungs, I will shout.

For this time I am confident that Cupid
Has finally made the right match.
So by faith of my love, just step over the edge,
For your precious love and sexy body, I will catch.

So get up sweet darling, walk over to me,
And gently take my opened hands
Together we will conquer the world,
Together we will travel to exotic lands.

The earth will begin to tremble in awe,
Because of the unstoppable force that it sees,
For it is the undying affection that we have for each other,
Me loving you and you loving me.

For Your Love by Cecil Scott

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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