Who Are You?

by Cat a.k.a AFP/AB

Who are you?
I'm not asking for your name
Or if you belong to fortune or fame
I just want to know who you are
But please don't give me your business card
Or tell me where you live 
Because I really don't give.

Who are you?
You say you're black
But it's a known fact
There is no such thing as "black"
Did you know that?
Are you african i ask
And you look as if i've gone mad
And it's quite sad
That you think being african is bad.

Who are you?
You've begun to think you are white
Because for years you've been told lies
And you never tried to find
Out about your cultural ties
And i ask why
Because only you control your life.

Who are you?
You've been taught and told to hate
The ethnicity that God gave
And you've become self enslaved
By ignorancy and have ruined your fate
And it's such a damn shame
That you don't even know your race.

Who are you?
You say you're trapped in a cage
But i think you're holding yourself hostage
Because you're scared and afraid
Of changing your ways
But you better find out before it's to late
Hurry cause there is no time to waste.

Who are you?
I know who I am
Who are you?

Who Are You? by Cat a.k.a AFP/AB

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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