Fatal Love

by Cat a.k.a African Pryde

I always tried not to fall in love
I figured if I didn't I wouldn't get hurt
Then all of a sudden you came along
Couldn't understand you as if you were a foreign tongue
Which I could not decipher
But curiosity made me try harder
And like a drug i became addicted to you
It's funny the thing's that love could make you do
Now hear the story from my point of view
Clear your mind and step inside my shoes
Who ever knew love could be so cruel
In a second the smartest person is now a fool:
You don't know all the nights I cried for him
Only had to snap a finger and I would die for him
So sprung that I committed crimes for him
My life was on the line but I still lied for him
But no gratitude, no love, he still cheated on me
Said his love was true but creeped around on me
Held me down, beat me and raped me
The man who said he loved me suddenly hated me
So scared that in my dreams I would scream
Nightmares filled my head abou him killing me
I tried to leave him once, twice, a dozen
But love was in my system like a poison
Killing me slowly and I began to see
Love wasn't all what it seemed to be.
Caught him in bed with another chic
To him I was just another bitch
But couldn't let him get away
I'd rather die than get played
Couldn't help it and pulled the gun out
Revenge was in my head without a doubt
Pulled the trigger and heard a bang
And in my ears two shots rang
Lay down and put my eyes on his chest
His eyes rolled as death crept
He said "I'm sorry" and took his last breath
Body grew cold as his soul left
My God how could I kill the one I loved
In a second all I had was gone
Wrapped my arms around him and put the gun to my head
Love was so deep and now we're both dead.

Fatal Love by Cat a.k.a African Pryde

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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