Life Is A Bitch Part I

by Cat a.k.a ABM/AP

She's the prettiest chic and she always looks tight
When you walk by her, you can't help but look twice
You wonder how somebody could look so fine
Face, body, and attitude seem so right
I bet if you look closer you could see what i see
She wants to be perfect so she doesn't eat
She excercises non-stop because she wants to look like a queen
And she cares so much about what everyone thinks
Throwing up has become her daily routine
Because if she gains weight she won't please her king
But oh that's just my revelation
Let me tell you the rest of my observation:
On the outside she looks calm and ready
But on the inside everything is overbearing and heavy
So damn angry and insecure
But she has to hide it or they won't like her anymore
Her dad is an addict who rapes her at home
She fears lonliness so she's always on the phone
Suicidal can't help but cut her wrist
But can't blame her she's just waiting for death's kiss
Prays to God every night and day
But he doesn't seem to hear what she says.
She got pregnant by her perverted father
She can't tell anyone it won't matter
She doesn't pray anymore she gave up on God
Cause he never listened when she talked
Young and pretty in size two jeans
So damn perfect at least that's what you think
Dropped out of school and she's only fifteen
Prostitutes herself to support her kid
Suicide ain't a choice anymore she has to stay alive
It's such a damn shame to see a child raise a child
And her dumb ass father threw her out
Because he didn't want to hear the baby's mouth
Life is a Bitch open your eyes
Cause some people are better off dead than alive.

Life Is A Bitch Part I by Cat a.k.a ABM/AP

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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