Wet Leaves on the Ground

by Sharon Thomas-Cash

This was it it.  Today was the day the day.
Lying in bed, looking up at the ceiling
Aware of the minutes ticking away away away
She felt a little panic panic try to creep in but
She blinked her eyes and it went away away away
staring into her eyes in her reflection in the mirror
Fierce determination flashing flashed flashing      7
Key to the car door, then up at the sky, gray and
Overcast, the air crisp cold cool gray and overcast
Down at the ground, red yellow and brown, gold leaves
In the dirt in the dirt, red yellow and gold, brown leaves
In the dirt

For one fraction fraction fraction of a second she allowed
Herself to identify with the leaves, how lovely, so simple simple
Wet from the night rain, washed; yet lying in the dirt on the ground
One heavy raindrop splashed on her cheek splashed splashed
From the tree limbs or could it be a tear drop crystal clear and
Sparkling like a cubic zirconium, you see diamonds are too hard
To crush, to crush, too hard to crush

"Do you have any questions about the medication?"
"the medication"
The medicatioN"

Wet Leaves on the Ground by Sharon Thomas-Cash

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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