The Great Equalizer

by Sharon Thomas Cash

There are some snakes in the garden where weeds and trees grow
But the sun still shines down and pleasant winds continue to blow
Pain is the great equalizer when it comes to call
Power and fear are the true enemies of us all
If we were all the same color would things still be the same?
Or would we simply find another reason for people to blame?
The cure for disease could lie dead in the street
Along with the dead bodies of those with not enough food to eat
The skin I'm in shouldn't determine my fate
I am powerful, I am loved, I am needed, I am great
There is no true justification for racist hate
Can a white man save the world?
Can a black man destroy it?
What does it matter then?
The color of skin
When death comes 
to us all in the end.


The Great Equalizer by Sharon Thomas Cash

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