Dirty Deeds

by Sharon Thomas Cash

I see you on the news
Small time criminal so young
Throwing your life away
For a cell phone and a gun
I see you in the headlines
Big time corrupt politician so old
Making laws to keep all the money
Stealing all the gold
Everybody be very afraid
Letís lock him up for life
Now he canít get a job
No money for his wife
Now he canít cast a vote
Now he canít vote you out
After so many long years
Dadís forgotten about
When dadís away the kids do play
With guns and gangs and drugs and stuff
The system is so broken
Havenít we all had enough
Some plants grow in green meadows 
Without any lack
Others struggle with no nourishment 
To push through the cracks
So you can be young and you can be old
See you can be callous and you can be cold
You can throw your life away
And you can steal all the gold
Donít you realize that you sold your soul
So take your secrets to the grave
Donít even try to cry
The guilt of dirty deeds 
stays with you til you die

Dirty Deeds by Sharon Thomas Cash

© Copyright 2018. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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