You Ain't Gangster

by Bro Carthral X

Gangsta ain't the crackman with a 100,000 dollar hand it's the
cultivator and orchestrator of the crack pack. Gangsta ain't the
murder of a crew or a gang or two, gangsta is the genocide being
perpetrated on our brothers and sistas in on the south African side
with the biological weapons AIDS AND HIV that's gangsta. Gangsta
ain't the running of a block or a street. Gangsta is the occupation of
an entire country with a forced system of democracy on people who
want theocracy. Gangsta ain't the minimal robbery of a store in our

Gangsta is the oil snatch in Iraq now that's gangsta. Gangsta ain't
the street gangs that don't run nothing but what is given to you to
help with genocide against yourself. Gangsta is the radio, TV, the
newspapers and movie screens that can turn a whole country against

That's gangsta. Gangsta is not the
street slang but the dumbing down of a whole nation around that's
gangsta. Gangsta is not having enough books to go around then you
come out functionally illiterate that's gangsta.
Gangsta ain't you got on the wrong color and kill your brother.

Gangsta is Jim Crow when they tell you where you can't go that's
gangsta. Gangsta ain't the revenge of a gang banging friend. Gangsta
is the lynching, burning, mutilation perpetrated on us. How in the
hell you gangsta when you don't own a damn thang. Whenever they
get ready to cut off the the food and water supply they do does that
sound gangsta to you? If they ransack to hood on murder for you
what you gon do? You got a pop gun they got RV'S and tanks you
ain't gangsta.

When King Leopold divided up Africa when people were still
living in it and conquered it through the Dutch, French, Portuguese,
and the British that's gangsta. When Cecil Rhodes killed millions of
our people in the diamond mines that's gangsta. When they captured
and enslaved 100-250 million people through division and
tricknology that's gangsta. Stealing the whole of America that's
gangsta. This is not a justification to kill or decimate a nation. This is
a wake up call. Whatever dirt they let us do is not controlled by you.
From moonshine to crack, from glocks to AK'S.

Gangsta is to have a whole people economically captive where we
supply none of our own needs to a whole people because of Willie
Lynching. The mass corporations making millions and billions of
people labor and paying slave wages that's gangsta. From pimping
to scamming what you handling? To take away your divine right to
chastise your child that's gangsta . To create the penal system and
make a new slave plantation that's gangsta.

The genocide of the Red Man and the Mexican that's gangsta. 
So with your gangsta walk, your gangsta talk, your survival skills you
still getting pimped, played, hustled so you ain't gangsta. Gangsta is
to create a superior education for your seeds to dictate your own way
of life to lead. Taking control of your neighborhoods and make it a
great place to live that's gangsta. To defy and even die for your
Queen and your seeds that's gangsta. Not this mess we manifest.
Gangsta is being a provider and teacher of your child , gangsta is
being a good husband to your wife.

Gangsta is to take care of your responsibilities and not deny you
seeds that's gangsta. Gangsta is the removal of crack in the hood,
gangsta is the reaffirmation of your illustrious history. Tell the world
of your greatness and become greater than ever before to beat the
status quo. Make the world respect us. It ain't rump shaking, weed
smoking, disrespecting your woman when she is the way to improve
your future. If she's down you're down. Wake up realize what real
gangsta is. Gangsta is to compete with the world in every field from
science to mathematics. Now when we do that we know we have
gangster-ed our way back by God's grace to power you ain't no
gangsta you a survivalist.

You Ain't Gangster by Bro Carthral X

© Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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