CellBlock 9

by Victor J. Carroll

Locked down in Cellblock 9
faced with life in prison
no alternatives
a victim of a societal holocaust.

Fighting for freedom
praying for justice
angry for being in the wrong place
caught up in the pressure of my peers
adversity stares me in the face
forcing me to take a look at my
amoral ways, which has left me
in an ambiguous state of mind.

Tossing and turning waking up
in a cold sweat in a cellblock
realizing my dreams are no longer
a reality.

The impalability of being a black
man has dessicated my soul and
because of my lunacy I have no future.

My voice cries out for freedom
My heart begs for mercy
My pleas go unanswered
Lost to not having faith
sitting in cellblock 9
deciding my fate.

Anger no longer consumes me
Lonliness creeps into my veins
in my futile attempt to save my

I see Jesus coming to my
rescue emancipating me from
condemnation ridding me of
pain and fear.

I am no longer a misfit in
a nonexistant state submerging
from a cacoon into a metamorphsis
not known to mankind
I am free.

Another fatality young black man
found hanging in CellBlock 9.

CellBlock 9 by Victor J. Carroll

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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