by Victor J. Carroll

Postive energy soars through me
feeding me wisdom to accept the 
things I cannot change.  
Infinite powers resusitates my 
brain bringing about a transformation.

Through knowledge I see people for
who they are living and thriving in 
a world rich with culture, cultivating
a life for themselves.

Lifting the veil that has hung over
millions of faces through countless
generations and through this pain we
move forward generating peace in a 
nation that has been torn apart by
war, murder and revenge.

Through it all our souls have been 
desecrated in a society that adheres
to racial biasness still existing in
this country cramped in diversity
evolving in a time warped by misguided

We should be planting the seeds of life
laying the foundation to remove racism
from the hearts and minds bridging the 
gap between black and white.

Creating equality in the hearts and minds
of our children, educating, creating glorius
inventions, seeking a renaissance to eliminate
the masses of this vast existance that plagues
us as a nation of people.

As we fight to exist in this country 
entering into a spiritual awakening to
healing the world of the obstacles that
robs a race of people from becoming a 
unified force to conqueror this mediocrity
that has consumed us in this country.

As a race we must fight to be heard
we must continue the work of Malcolm,
Sojourner, Martin, Medgar, Fredrick
Douglass, David Walker and Fannie Lou

Black people rise up and take control
let's regain our right to be counted
in this country.

Awakening by Victor J. Carroll

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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