Had To Write Dis!

by Tanya Carpenter

Sometimes you just have to sit and think.
It seems that after each phase,
your eyes seem to blink.
Opening to a new vision,
another competition.
Trying to make yourself stronger,
built tough to last just a little bit longer.
Sitting back and realizing who you are!
and how the hell you came so far!
Because all of life experiences,
has taught you to be tough.
Too tough to cry, to laugh, and to love just enough.
When all else fails,
with you sitting on your tail.
The whole lesson that had to be taught,
was for me to be tough,
and that something that I never forgot.
So, when I sit back
and think about how I got so soft.
Crying my eyes out, thinking about what I just lost.
It seems that another phase has hit me,
and has told me to open up my eyes and see!
That I had a love,
that actually loved me!
And that maybe it was actually meant to be.
Being so tough all my life,
seemed to just fade away,
when I was begging him to stay.
It didn't matter then,
cause all I wanted was to have him again.
He made me smile,
most times he made me laugh, 
he made me cry, and made me ask the Lord
"How and Why?"
Why did God put us to together, to meet?
how could he find something so sweet!
It seemed too good sometimes,
and too bad the next.
But I always thought to myself,
that he is better than all the rest.
He is like a precious stone,
that you never want to let go, nor leave alone.
He bought me two horses standing side by side.
Looks like they were placed there together,
going through each ordeal, and every stride.
And thats how it was,
thats how it was for us.
He'll always be the one I see,
whether it be in my dreams or beside me.
I never knew I could have a love like this,
and something in me said I had to write dis!
I love him with all my heart.
I'll love him forever more,
just like I did right from the start!

Had To Write Dis! by Tanya Carpenter

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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