That One Day!

by Tanya Carpenter

Steady phone calls,
asking "how I am?"
Sorrowful stares, constant prayers and tears.
Tried to escape,
reassuring "I'm alright",
trying so hard to be fake.
The feelings I felt,
and reflecting on the news that made my heart melt.
A cruesome pain,
that has apart of my heart badly stained.
To see his face,
as he laid in that narrow space.
His face disfigured,
looked nothing like him.
Never has he looked like that,
never so different has his face been!
Cause when I looked,
it was my heart that was shook.
I couldn't understand how he was wiped off  this land.
No last goodbyes, just tearful heart wrenching cries.
In the middle of the night feeling nothing but fear and fright.
That one day,
that one day, wasn't just an ordinary day.
Because on the cold ground is where his body laid.
Now his body is laid to rest,
and with him he took a piece of everyone.
But from me, he took my absolute best!

R.I.P Duane Shepherd
Jan.16,1977 - Jan.17,1999 

That One Day! by Tanya Carpenter

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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