A Good Guy

by Tanya Carpenter

You're right, what you said to me that night.
"Its hard to find a good guy"
But I turned around and said thats not true,
there are many out there.
But it didn't matter, because to me,
you were the only that I loved and would always care for!
So, I put that in the back of my head,
and focused on you instead.
We shared, we cared, but mostly we loved.
Couldn't imagine a day without you,
And not only did I tell you, but everybody knew.
It was spread across town,
like a little whisper, an assured sweet sound.
That I was your girl.
We were like a set of diamond and precious white pearls.
Compatible, inseparable...
words they used to describe our bond so memorable.
Until a cold January night,
that left no answers and opened all questions insight.
Mourned and grieved, on how the Lord just take you leave.
So, I came to believe, 
that you were gone and how I couldn't catch that dirty thieve.
I bear my life,
and how I'll never become your official wife.
So, I looked around, and around,
and came up with nothing to be found.
Noone to be called my equal,
allowing no room for dreams or continuing sequels.
Then I took a look at what you told me,
I looked at all that, and how we used to be.
And...you're right!
About what you said to me that night,
"Its hard to find a good guy".
But I did find him, its just too bad
that I didn't get to say GOODBYE!

>>>R.I.P DUANE! January 16,1977-January 17,1999 

A Good Guy by Tanya Carpenter

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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