by Tanya Carpenter

Someone quickly call 911
you see my heart is beatin' fast
cause I think I found the one!
I can't breath
I can't speak
and suddenly my body is feelin' kinda weak
My head is spinning
I feel like I am in a daze,
with my body moving in all different types of ways.
There is a sweet tingle in my toes, 
now up through my legs it goes.
This feeling that I feel 
always lets me know that its real
I start to whisper through my mouth
I am so intoxicated that I don't even know 
which type of sounds are coming out!
It has taken full control over my body
leaving me desperately helpless
As I take a gasp of fresh air
suddenly I remember what got me here
It was the softness of his lips
the movement of his hips
The look on his face 
as I clenched his waist
His dark chocolate complexion
and every single stroke of affection
It was the sight of his muscular arms and defined shoulders 
as they would move closer
It was the way his body felt on top of mine
making me want to feel this feeling
time after time
So please forget the call to 911
I just realized the problem
I have been hit with a high dosage of love 101

911 by Tanya Carpenter

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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