Lead Black Man

by 1st Poet

God is revealing his face restoring his people to their rightful place
A Legacy stole by unclean hands but the prayers of your black mother have been heard
Your tears are being wiped by the almighty himself, showing the world who you truly are.
The bright and shinning star the Lilly in the Valley the Prince of Peace made in the image of the creator

The whips the chains, the castrations, all the hangings still written down in a time of long ago
The suffrage of a people who's only fault was their color in which "God" himself created

Take your place beautiful people of color remember always you are the seed of your black father
Placed in the belly of your black mother by the creator who also gave you a sister a brother.
Never forget the struggle you represent "God" love all people of the world you are the gate keeper

God will use you to lead the world back to him don't be afraid to pray
He hears your every word yield my brother my sister God can see the pain.
He wants the world to see how he can raise a nation in the mist of tribulations

Lead Black Man by 1st Poet

© Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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