Bring On The Drama

by 1st Poet

 I am not afraid of this world and what challenges I face ahead;
Because all my trust is in Jesus Christ.

No matter how many mistakes I make, you wonít be there on judgment day.
Only me and Jesus the Holy Spirit and God.

Bring on the drama

Pray for me as I walk through this life, encourage me for this is right in God sight.

Donít judge me hiding behind your big fancy title;
Acting like you never made mistakes clinching your bible.

Bring on the drama

Iím not afraid of the mistakes I made;
I just capitalize on the situation and stay focused on whatís ahead.

This does not mean I wonít trip again;
Itís a battle with the flesh so full of sin.

I read my bible every day and I do apply what it says;
But there are days when I get so confused;
Then there are times when I get stubborn to.

 I know the difference between right and wrong;
So when I get attacked I pray for strength to get strong.

Bring on the drama

Jesus said, turn the other cheek, yeah I did;
But I could not understand why God would not allow me to use my strength thatís his.

Oh well, who am I to question thee;
My God will do what ever he pleases.

Bring on the drama

Bring On The Drama by 1st Poet

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