At War With Diabetes

by 1st Poet

God I come to ask you today through this prayer
Give me the strength to change my thoughts about Diabetes
Help me change the way I treat my body 
Give me the wisdom to change my eating habits
Show me how to encourage myself to trust you with my health
That I might live a long life and appreciate this temple
Teach me how to eat right help me to curve this appetite
While Fasting and praying for a new healthy life style
God I thank you in advance for all my friends and Family members
They are praying for me to beat this battle
I know I can do it with your help Lord
Lord we have won so many wars you have taught me to use the word your sword
Now I put on the breastplate of your righteousness 
That I may represent you with my very best
I know you love me Lord and call me blessed
Thank you for teaching me to be the best I can 
I love you Jesus amen

At War With Diabetes by 1st Poet

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