I Hear The Ancestors

by 1st Poet

 Oh black man what have you done?
Are you fighting for causes Iím in this here grave for?
You arenít done gone and took on the ways of that white man are you
Have you forgotten how they sold us on that old auction block?
You should be fighting for the basic rights of our people 
do you hear me old black man?
What is it that we are hearing up here 
that you all down there killing one another for the crumbs of the masterís table
Donít you know you should love your brother and stick together?
To many of you all are coming up here way to early
Whoís going to guide and lead our children?

Oh black man what have you done

Donít you even love yourself any more?
God done made us a promise to lead our people back to the promise land
Black man you got to hold on to Gods unchanging hand
Wait I hear someone talking whatís that ďMartinĒ you say 
tell them donít forget the dream
Ok, Ok ďMalcolmĒ Iím going to tell them what you said 
to keep up the struggle and love your brother
Meager said to keep up the voter registration drive
Ok thatís enough I got to tell the people whatís going on up here
James Brown done came up here and started a choir along with James Cleveland 
they got the peopleís shouting with Holy Ghost power
Hold on oh Black man God done gave us a new land

I Hear The Ancestors by 1st Poet

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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