Pissed Off "Lity" Poem For The Racist Place Of Employment

by Carla Marie

How many times in life should one be required
To go around the same damn mountain
It's an exercise in

Not true what we're taught as children
That if we work really hard 
We will attain some semblance of

Because now I am in the fall of my life
Still fighting the same racism and 
Frustrated by my

To, no matter my age, experience, education,
Or per my resume'- qualifications,
Be given my hard-earned

But at this moment, what gives me pause
Is the joy that is derived...when young bigots try
For no reason but that they feel superior,
To wreck my peace and 

My favorite phrase is never let'em see ya sweat
Back straight with poise, head high with grace
I let dignity conquer

I refuse to be drawn into a fight on their terms
Or dirty my soul in any way
For the right to work in this 

Because they don't know me- I'm a scrapper from way back
Who, when truly pissed-off, is utterly convinced
Of her own

THEREFORE, I will not allow them to take me there 
Turn me into something I don't even like
Cuz I'll do a Run-By on these fools
And when they catch me-- cry

Make no mistake- I'm not scared to die
And some things are worth dying for
But to let a racist place like this kill me- I don't think so!
At this stage of my life, I will not deal with strife
And give up Joy, Health or 

Pissed Off "Lity" Poem For The Racist Place Of Employment by Carla Marie

© Copyright 2010. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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