Amazing Grace

by Carla Marie

How did I get to this place?
Desperately ask myself
As under the quilt in my lap
I point a 38 at
The man that I
Once thought was
The One-
That I don't take his life
Can only be
Shining on ME
Cuz my heart suddenly knows
It is not worth my soul
To hurry him 
On his relentless journey to hell-
He will surely get there on his own
It is Grace
That saves us BOTH this day
Grace that he won't miss until it's gone


The old man across the street
Talks to his old wife
Like she's got bird shit
Smeared across her face-
I'm sure it didn't start out this way
I'm sure that once upon a day
She was shown a modicum of loving kindness
A sweetness commensurate with the Grace
With which she
Used to
But now with which she
Bears the never ending insult
That her life has become
Grace that the old man
Does not appreciate
Grace that he won't miss until it's gone


She leaves her baby in the car
While she steps into the bar
For just a minute-
Time not only flies
When you're having fun
But also when addiction lies
And sez you are-
So baby-girl
But it is Grace
That sends mom outside to vomit
At the very moment
Mr. Predator
Spies' baby-girl alone
It is Grace that mom won't, in her haze, even notice
Grace that she won't miss until it's gone


This old world can be a cold dark place
Would be darker still
Were it not for Grace
Someone once said
"T'was Grace that brought me safe and through..."


For all the Lovely and the Good 
There will be the Ugly and the Evil
But Ugly and Evil
Can NEVER do more
Amazing Grace
Can do

Amazing Grace by Carla Marie

© Copyright 2010. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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