(Inspired by a friend who came along when I was in need)

If I wrote you a poem
I would be careful not to show any ciphers of my fall

This poem would be

No doubt

Adeptly crafted enough to manifest

The warmth of a budding correspondence between two souls

That have embarked onto a touch-free quandary


If I wrote you a poem

It would be absent of cliché

And those casually formulated,

Sensual undertones

Always prevalent in ones such as we,

Or better said me.

No touches,

No feels,

No room for debate

Would be found in this ode due to technical difficulties

Found in our emergency broadcast systems.


If I wrote you a poem

It would have to be read as we bathed in yellow rose petals.

Each leaf signifying a union

Based on mutuality and camaraderie.

I would slip a key into the lock on the gates of possibility

Take three steps in to explore

Then wait for your crossover’s perfection.


If I wrote you that poem

The poem would contain the cornucopia of feelings

Felt in the rhythm of our dance,

Our laughter,

And our era…

Effortlessly remembered and transpose into a song about us. 


If I wrote you a poem
I would memorize it,
Recite it once a day,
And smile 

Yours by CARiMFLoW

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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