Dancing in the Dark

by Carlie-Shay

Boom Boom Kat Boom Kat.... Is the rhythm that we dance to. 
Seeing nothing but hope is what we vision. 
On the streets of dream 1st and reality ave we come together to show and prove... 
Who care about what we really do nobody but there is always someone judging. 
Are we really alone dancing in the dark? How would you know? 
If everyone is dancing the same tune.... 
Boom boom Kat boom Kat and everyone is sync how can you discover another... MARCO!!! 
But finding oneself is hard. 
Is it a coincidence that it takes two or more ppl to play the game? 
When you find yourself it brings light but with you eyes close how do we know if it's bright? 
Darkness there are  many meanings to choose from the lack of knowledge or enlightenment stands out. 
Keep dancing in the dark one day you'll stop and learn to open your eyes.  
BOOM BOOM KAT BOOM KAT who's the composers??we??? 
Or was it someone who decided to go a different route? 
Cause it feels right and sound good we think it's the right way 
but without vision you cant be so sure. 
Even one with guidance can be lead wrong 
because what you can not see can be shared wrong. 
Not many get the blessing to see 
but not many trust the blesser and that's the key. 
You try to open you can try to look 
but dancing in the dark isn't as good as it looks. 
Don't rely on one source but try to get to the main point all five sense came of some sort. 
OPEN YOUR MIND! Make that the first choice!

Dancing in the Dark by Carlie-Shay

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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