Passionate Night

by Cam Rose

Candles filled the room casting dim rays of light
A gently aroma of lavender penetrated the atmosphere
As melodies of soft music play in the background
He reached for me to come into the room
Slipping his arms around me and whisper so gently in my ear
"Your bath is ready come with me"
Then I slipped into the warm bubbly bath 
Covered with rose pedals surround by lit candles
I sat there for what seemed like hours   
But when I stepped out of the tub he was standing there 
Wrapped and dried me with a plush soft towel
Then he held a beautiful red kimono open for me to slip-on
And he led me a huge chair in the middle of the room
As I sipped champagne he massaged my shoulders
Gently worked his way down to the soles of my feet 
Once he was done I rested my head on his chest
Listening to the soothing rhythm of his heart beats
I could feel my heart echo a response 
As moments passed, I felt him breath as he slowly kiss me on my neck
His long dreadlocks scented softly with vanilla musk draped across my body    
He softly whispered, "Darling, I love you very much"
Mesmerized and enchanted 
I responded with a kiss and gazed deeply into his eyes
Saying, You are my lover forever that will never change
My heart is totally yours that is why I wear your ring 
We slowly moved to the bed covered with purple linen
Our bodies' arousal and throbbing, we joined our souls
Fresh to fresh in a zone of an unbridled ecstasy
As the time past our intoxicated spirits slips into a natural rest
The next morning as the dawn broke; I am cuddled in his arms
His body is so warm as he is still holds me tight
I said a silent prayer from the depth of my heart
Thank you God for this man and for this passionate night. 

Passionate Night by Cam Rose

© Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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