Love is...

by Cam Rose

Not keeping secrets
Listening not just with your ears, but with your head and heart
Turning off your favorite TV show, just to talk
Sharing a ice cream sundae
Eating the burnt dinner
Good music playing
True heartfelt worship
Holding your hand
Walking the shore of the beach
Shopping until the mall close
Accepting me as is 
Laughing at my jokes
Respect of one another
Spontaneous Sex 
Chocolate and nuts 
Crying together when it hurts
Feeling safe and secure
Looking at me the same after giving birth
Dancing to our favorite song
Making up after an argument
Agreeing to disagree
Giving me your heart
Saying those three words... "I Love You" 
Planning for the future
Romantic Nights
Always telling the truth
Growing older together
Work hard but play harder 
Intimacy without touching
Sharing your disappointments
Making out over and over...and over
Calling when you are going to be out late
Not going to bed angry
Doing the dishes together
Smiling when you see me 
Unexpected date nights
Realizing no one is perfect
Supporting wild dreams
Never removing your ring
Trusting me with your heart
Saying I am sorry, I made a mistake
Always being a friend
Believing in the impossible
Sharing life and continue to adore each other
That's Love for me!  

Love is... by Cam Rose

© Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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