How Do I Know When Itís Love?

by CamRose

When I can believe and live in his dreams, fulfilling my own 
When I can hold on through distractions that challenges trust
When those same distractions have his eyes, but not his heart 
When I know the attraction can be fatal, but my heart wonít let go
When I can lay at his feet and fall asleep, completely satisfied 
When his touch warms my heart and fills my soul
When he breaks a promise, but quickly says heís sorry 
When I can smile, in the mist of disappointment
When his prayers cover me and can break the curses that bind me
When his kiss in the midst of the storm can melt away all fear
When his face is the first I see in my dreams
When he looks at me and I can feel his eyes caressing my body  
When he, when I, when we take the risk to fall hopelessly without reservation    
Thatís when and only then I know itís LOVE

How Do I Know When Itís Love? by CamRose

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