Have You Ever Loved Someone So Deeply

by CamRose

...that you want to breathe their breath
...that you can sit in the same room and feel their presence
...that you envision their dreams in your head
...that you hurt when they hurt
...that you know in your knowing that God created you for each other
...that you are watered on the inside with their words
...that you loose yourself and you become one 
...that you can’t bear the heartache of them not being in your life   
...that you are their yen and they’re your yang
...that you laugh with joy when they tell that joke
...that you know their weakness but you see their strengths
...that you believe they were born to be great
...that you are better because of they’re influence
...that you would follow them where ever they go
...that you trust that their words are true
...that you sincerely want what’s best for them
That you love them so deeply...it hurts!  

Have You Ever Loved Someone So Deeply by CamRose

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