Blueprint of a Man

by Cam Rose

Cropped short wavy black covering crown
Deep strong intriguing dark penetrating eyes  
Sweet tantalizing full brown lips
A well-defined chiseled black man's nose
Attentive ears that's keen to the sound of a heartbeat
Your face frames character markings etching your smile
Signs of the years that have past and life's journey
Your neck is sturdy and firm joining the rest of you
Flanked broad shoulders; a bastion of strength
Two wide spanning muscular arms; like wings of an eagle
Fingers that touch softly as if handling a rose
A vigorous robust chest housing your passionate heart
Your inward navel marking your sexy middle  
Then there that place to kiss and caress amorously
Right there, copulation occurs in the garden
Cultivating an oneness in the soul
Stretching down are two powerful limbs producing that swagger  
Your ankles, toes and feet balance this frame
All wrapped in bronze caramel brown skin  
But, the most important parts of you the eyes can not see
All the real things a man should be      
It's just not all the physical parts that make you appealing 
But it's those qualities that God placed inside of you
All the things that make you ...You 
Its integrity, humility, wrapped with patience and kindness
Your thoughts and dreams that drives a tenacious thirst in you to help others
Evoking compassion that nurtures all who are around you
It's your unwavering faith, trust and confidence in the Creator
The essence of your body, your mind and soul
As specific as the number of hairs on you head
Like the sound of your voice and impression of your fingertips 
This blue print is unique -- there is no other just like "YOU"

Blueprint of a Man by Cam Rose

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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