by Glendon Cameron


you turned me out

rearranged me

made me new

left me as ash

running to new dawns

rebirth by fire

baptized by desire

dry and light

laying in my bed

burnt up

overcooked black toast

should be my name

the dark

creased by a grin

smoking hot funk grabs the walls

painting pleasant memories in my nose

the heat lingers carry your scent in a pail

two o’clock in the morning

the oven is set at 500 degrees

I am burning brightly

in the pink flames of your liquid love

thoughts of your brown coffee

percolating deep in my mind

waiting on you to pour me another cup

reborn in the middle of your duty

roasting slowly

heated desire singes private thoughts

breaking the plane of reality

making my emotions crisp

close to breaking in half

rocking to cosmic beats

now I sit on the edge of seduced slumber

watching you though partially closed eyes

watching you watching me

working me

breaking me off

till the ends of my being merges

with the pleasure you hold

between your thighs

I came and the mountain crumbled

false pretenses of manhood deserted me

in the fire I was human

trails of liquid emotion

painting my face

testifying in the river of truth

stood I naked

brown went black

fading to joy

telling the day

night is good

Smoked by Glendon Cameron

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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