In The Middle Of Joy Lies Purple

by Glendon Cameron

On the open plane of my mind
In freshly plowed visions
Lilies grow with pink purple blossoms 
Lingering in the mist of fragrance
Minty moods tasting like  
Love smells; teasing me in hidden places
Mingling in the minds of the hopeful
Deeply pungent purple love funk
Which delightfully assault 
Obtuse senses
In the wake of swollen faith
On the belly of hot desires
Lie burgundy-brown possibilities
Replete in the what ifs
Calming voices softly murmur 
Consenting chatter

Lulling heavy hearts to sleep 
In suspend moments 
Misty purple dreams 
Grow abundantly in the cool moon’s night
Woven in expectant apparitions
Warm winds refresh stale hopes
Magenta currents
Floating in the deep drawn waters of life
My incessant desires for you cloud muddy waters
With warm royal blue joy
Tinged full blown funky
A dream of dreams
Filling my 
 Open spaces
Completely with
Loud silence 
Entering reverb 
Aching dimensions
Swelling tight 
Seek soothing affection
In the arms of bliss
Caugth in the middle 
Of innocence
We walk two paths 
Merging in the distant 
Echoes of an golden sun
Romantic unions
Dance under the rays 
Of joy
Trust is an old friend
Holding my hand
Leading me to what was you
Now in the middle of me
is the heat of 
new bonds are forged
Feeling the old 
Grow into the new

In The Middle Of Joy Lies Purple by Glendon Cameron

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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