Missive Of A Love Theme

by Glendon Cameron

On jaded wings my heart flew 
sailing among the stars 
afraid to seek sanctuary 
constant vibration is the state 
In my heart lies the soul of a coward 
fooling myself with copious self delusions 
no not I no love not me 
on the fifth moon of august my altitude descended 
as the salt of my tears stung the wounds of my heart 
I knew love 
I saw her in the mirror of my being 
I love her but did I love her 
as the feelings of hunger left me 
sleep becoming the hand puppet of 
descended in the fiery pits of fear 
fear of losing what I did not want only 
a star ago 
in the face of lost provision my soul opened deeper 
and bled 
I tasted my own fear and it was bitter 
malice I stepped from the dark 
dreams once on my lips like mint 
kissed me with lips of cut glass 
pity abated , anger raged and love 
chased horror away 
bringing me forth from my apathy 
I love her 
as the tears tinge with pink white pain 
I love her 
as the night birthed morning 
holding me as a witness 
I love her 
as her tears call mine in quick sessions 
I love her 
as our energy fills us when we speak 
I love her 
.........because I can't do otherwise 

Missive Of A Love Theme by Glendon Cameron

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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