Half Men

by Glendon Cameron

Once again my mind has reached that point where it is time to release, thoughts that is. My intent is simple. I want to give some insight on why men only display half of their being. Bare with me, I will not try to be the sole voice of men. No one man can. However, as a consequence of having testosterone and loving, living, fellowshipping with other sperm producers. There is knowing in the doing.

One myth that needs addressing is that women like sensitive men. Now women do have an affection for sensitive guys, they do like to dog them, they do like to use them (that is not totally true, no one can play you without your consent) or the coup de grace they like to have them as pseudo-men. Eunuchs, if you follow me. All the responsibility of the Man, just missing a few major perks. This in no way alludes that men and women cannot be friends. I am expressing what happens to a lot of men that are too respectful and civil to women, without clearly knowing what they want from that particular woman. Strange as it may sounds, rendering copious amounts of respect, at the wrong time can be counterproductive. Many people assume you are needy if you extremely polite. This has been my experience. Timing is definitely the key. I bring it to you like this for a reason.

Many women lament on how rude and uncaring brothers are. Yet when that brother is disrespected without warrant, by a sister, more than the principals are taking it all in. Everyone is watching even the kids, thus, setting the stage for this play of madness and dysfunction to open again without fail. We are all at fault here, not just the men, not just the women we all must provide energy to the circuit for the light to continue to burn as bright as it does, one dark burning light. That casts its light on all of us.

No one likes rejection; it is a very hurtful thing. That fact is why we, in my estimation, why we fear each other so. Cases of let's get them before they get us mentality. We take the wrong clues from each other. Dancing to a song that no one knows the words to. No doubt, to this tune we are jamming madly. Be Bopping and sweating all in an aberrant Electric Slide. Look! The DJ is just getting warmed up! Care to dance? No matter you already are.

Part of the Man Culture is pride, a great attribute and a debilitating one also. If it a type of pride that consumes you, you cannot do what is required to grow. Simply put, you would rather appear to be all right than actually be all right. Many folks are so ate up with pride you do not know where they begin and the pride ends. Unfortunately, men are the greatest offenders of this sin. We really hate looking bad or appearing foolish, more than any women will ever realize. We will do anything in our power to avoid the pain and humiliation of appearing weak. We will cuss you out or for the really weak brother become violent. That is part and parcel of the culture we live in (Western Society). Men are taught from birth that being a man is taking responsibility, leading the way, protecting and of course providing financially. With this you get to act like a total animal and be forgiven, because you are a man.

This thing is so out of control there are many women that crave to be abused! Looking for it! Not happy until they find it! A man's got to do what a man's got to do that and other equally insipid beliefs. All of this leads to a rather narrow and shallow definition of manhood, we are so much more than that. Many men take advantage of this." You mean this is all that is required of me? Great! " Now I do not have to work on the other aspects of myself. No, I do not have to realize that anger and aggression are not the only emotional states available to me. No, I never will have to learn how to love or give love without condition. No, I will never have to learn that I can love and be happy with one woman, not if I keep bringing the cash." Yes!" says that Man I never ever have to grow up. Fortunately, there are lots brothers bucking the trend and becoming complete men for themselves and families. Now, if you are unable or not inclined to be more like" The Man" type of man, then what are you? Scrub? Punk? P.A.B (pathetic ass blackman) Sadly, the list grows daily of cute put-downs for black men some deserved, many undeserved. All this does is promote more and more distance between us. Society is very unforgiving if you cross the wrong street at the wrong time.

In a blink of an eye you can become road-kill by going against the grain. Are we at a point to accept men as more than vessels of responsibility, protection and cash? I know many men would kindly give up their lives versus giving up the Man title. That is all they know how to be. To move forward creates so much fear and anxiety, it is paralyzing. But these men are not alone, not by a long shot. So many women that claim to be independent would actually have to become really independent, because their husband, boyfriends, lovers would let them. Yes, lots of men are intimated by strong women and will circumvent her any way possible. But we are not talking about her. We are talking about the woman projecting the facade of independence. The thought of true independence has her shaking with terror, to be dependent, for her this is all she knows also. Mind you I believe there are many truly independent women out there, it is just that the actions and work of independent women are woefully lacking for the volume of the voice. Contrary to all the complaining there is a large body of women that likes things the way they are. You know her, the type of woman that talks junk about her man, then kisses his ass when he shows up. Pity, none of us would have to go through this if we accept responsibility for self.

Many men know exactly what is going but feel powerless to prevent or stop it. Of course being a man means being in control. Now we cannot admit there is something we can not fix or handle. Not happening. So we walk through the fire, not acknowledging that we are burning, if we did then we are weak. This is constantly reinforced from when we little boys to fully physically mature males. Don't cry! You are a punk if you do. Or the absolute worst, telling a kid, any male child under the age of eighteen, he is the man of the house. What exactly does this mean for the young male child? Privilege? No responsibility, here you have someone responsible for others when he isn't able to be responsible for himself. But he tries to do it, because after all he is a man.

Half Men by Glendon Cameron

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