Empty Hands

by Glendon Cameron

You left me standing 
Alone on the street
Catching the death of the sun
My heart in tune to the flickering street lightís humming beat
Watching the shadows run
The cool breeze flows through my fingers
Decreasing the temperature of my palms
Even without your presence your essence lingers
Aching for the warmth of your touch
The texture of your skin
Yes, I am weak for you Yes; I miss you that much
Feeling you, it is so good I think I have committed a sin
My hand feels awkward
Useless and unnecessary without you to hold
Never felt this way, never knew I would
Lead out in to the silent cold
If only you, depart from mad mad dreams, if you could
Signed, sealed, delivered, sold
I am yours, sweet surrender, delicious bondage
Damn!  Glory be to the bold! 
I run faster ,faster coming to you
Pride falls to the wayside
No longer afraid, I want to see this through
Deep hunger gives speed to my stride
Mentality moving toward parity
Spiritually, you bless me
Fear is abandoned now there is clarity
Begging to call you boo
Donít go, please donít go
Fill these hands
Let the moon warm us with its glow
Time slipping, fast run the sands
Caress me; bring the joy of your touch
My fire is burning, flickering in the wind
Sweet embrace nothing between us, but passion, as we clutch
Watched by the candle in the tin
Come close, raise the flames
Do you feel me? 
As we participate in bliss whispering and moaning our names
Flying, soaring, freeÖ.

Empty Hands by Glendon Cameron

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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