by Glendon Cameron

she whispered deep longings
carried on breath 
warmed by desire

bringing alive the hairs upon my neck
stirring voluble emotions

between civil sentences
hints of being taken
screamed from primal places

behind a coy smile
stood a lady
on the tip of rapture

needing a fix like 
fall needs winter

the façade begin the splinter

she wanted to be directed
firmly spoken to
harshly had

lead to bliss on tones
evoked from a masculine voice
the moist center begin to melt

sure motions adroitly executed
knocked on the door of pain

humbly left unannounced
the knocking became more pronounced

dripping with confidence
hard urges vehemently
solicited tender responses

told and done
only enhanced the fun

taken in the middle of the night 
around unspoken wants
shadows turn informants
as swift passion mounts

hidden in passionate moans
permission promised and granted 

wrapped in the whimpers of 
succulent pleasure lie a thousand 
thank you’s
this wasn’t about being treated gently
more to the tune of organic beats
emanating from the syncopated
of a sound pounding

massively injected
sensual gratification
thrusts forth

hard enough to make the windows
as the bed dances across the  floor

…if the bed is used

Done by Glendon Cameron

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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