Black Daisy

by Glendon Cameron

In the fertile soil of my rich imagination you exist
Planted in sweet black earth wet with affection
One lone daisy ablaze in brilliant loquacious black
Yes black is beautiful, 
Yes you are beautiful
Lasting invitations of dancing free in the rain
Twist and turn receding in the creases of my consciousiness 
Vibrating on the same axis of the universe
In curious introspection I feel you in me
I never saw you; I am always feeling you
Mysterious mental pauses soon followed by thoughts of you
Intuition or hope 
No matter the path is the same
Leading me to distant lands in the confines of my own mind
Moving toward things previously not considered
Like a distant cousin of my last name
 I see you like the sun sees the earth
Through eyes not covered in doubt
 Rimmed with turquoise shell expectancy
I see you, I smile
Why, I donít know I just did  
Warm joy is your center
Calling me in the cottony voice of love
Drawing me in deeply
I try to sleep all day 
Not wanting to be the thief of my own bliss
I never see you with my eyes cast to the world
Only when I can hear the beating pulse of my heart
In the morning when I am alone in nervous thought
 You come to me easing my pain 
Giving me hope
 You enter my inner space
Without disturbing a thing 
Enhanced am I by a dream 
So enhanced I hope to be 
In the places of the possible
You reside
To my horror in this place you hide
Where love is abundant and fear is scarce
I say I love you an you smile coming closer 
Not chilled at the thought sprouting wings and soon flying away
Draped in compassion 
Veiled in loveliness 
I submitted my will to you
An simple act 
It is out of my hands

Black Daisy by Glendon Cameron

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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