Brown On Brown

by Glendon Cameron

in a quick moment 
the dreary pattern of my day
was pleasantly disturbed

when I saw you 
I knew
we would be together

long buried memories of
brown on brown
under a strong sun

images uniquely fastened 
tightly to my heart 
persists deeply in the center of me
thoughts pulled rudely from my genes
blueprints that detail building a world of love

lost in that sepia tone of you
a sweet pleasing brown
I ache to lick

from first vision  
to burning dreams
I inhale you

I do not know you 
but I feel you
like  I felt this scene 
naturally laced impending comfort 
moves in like a storm

coming in waves
the warm rain of joy
wets my dry senses awakening a weary spirit

I miss looking into your sparkling eyes
of brown
so rich so beautiful
it has only been a hour and six minutes
yet I am longing

missing the scent of your luscious embrace
holding you in a tight grasp 
just relishing the softness that 
begs to be caressed

looking upon a face dipped in dark chocolate
my imagination races to sweet places
where caramel swirls dance in urgent rhythms
across firm mounds of coco coco 

moving in time with a tempo 
emanating from the soulful beat of the universe

I am brought down
bent under the weight of urgent desire

kneeling at the base of the chocolatier
watching the liquid flow
drinking hot coffee that steams my soul
the river runs hot
the river runs long

covered in essence
blessed by your presence
hoping for your brown 
once again to spin me around

I wait for you…

Brown On Brown by Glendon Cameron

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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